Becoming A Person of Prayer – Do It Right Now!

Book Cover (web image)People often ask me, “What is the best way to pray?”  I have a standard answer:  “Show up!”  You don’t have to have a recipe for praying.  The old-timers got through to God long before we had all the recipes that we have access to today.  God will direct you how to pray.  He will take your personality, and the place where you are and use you. (Excerpt from my book, How to War in the Spirit)

This blog is dedicated to prayer, intercession, and enriching the lives of God’s people.  May you be blessed as I share from the heart what the Holy Spirit is speaking to me.


About Peggy Scarborough

Peggy Scarborough is a noted author and speaker for radio, television, spiritual warfare conferences, healing schools, prayer clinics, and retreats. She serves as Regional South Atlantic Director for the National Governor's Prayer Team; South Carolina prayer leader for Cry Out America; a prayer consultant for the Church of God Prayer Leaders Network, and the founder and director of Special Forces Intercessors. She is a pastors wife, married to Rev. Neigel Scarborough of Socastee Church of God in Myrtle Beach, SC. They have one daughter, Sherri Scarborough.
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